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Then and Now – The Periodic Table Element – Nickel

Nickel, a silvery-white metal, has a fascinating history dating back centuries. From being used initially to produce medals and coins, to finding its way into multiple industrial applications, nickel’s versatility has been widely acknowledged. However, over time, various factors have propelled the decline of its importance in these traditional uses, leading to the rise of alternative materials. This article delves into the early applications of nickel and delves into the reasons behind its diminishing utilization for these purposes in the modern era.

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Clear Metals

Clear metal or aluminum products are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. From phone cases to water bottles, sunglasses to jewelry, clear metal aluminum products are taking the world by storm. But what is clear metal aluminum, and what makes it so exciting?

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The Magical Periodic Table Element – Copper

Copper is a fascinating element that has been used by human beings for thousands of years. It’s a metal that can be found in many different forms, from electrical wiring to jewelry. Its malleability, anti-bacterial properties, and conductivity make it a versatile and valuable material. But copper is more than just a useful metal. There is a magic to copper that has intrigued scientists and artists alike for centuries. In this post, we will explore the wonders of copper, from its history to its uses in modern technology, and why it continues to be a popular material for both functional and decorative purposes.

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